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Building community through peer learning

Community Building + Peer Learning

Citizen Circles help any group of peers build knowledge, skills, and experiences together, strengthening community while learning and growing. A Citizen Circle is:

  1. 3 or more self-directed learners.
  2. Who come together 6 or more times.
  3. All contributing according to their own abilities.
  4. Using all of the collective experience, resources, & knowledge at their disposal.
  5. In order to explore a particular topic, skill, project, or question further.

The work of running a Citizen Circle is shared by the entire group, not one lone instructor. You don't need a professional instructor, an institution, or permission to get started.

Past Citizen Circles have been organized on topics like Creative Writing, Strengthening Personal Resilience, Systems Dynamics, and Community Wealth Building. Each of these were proposed, created, and run by their members using this simple formula.


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