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Conflict Transformation

The first Conflict Transformation Citizen Circle was started in June, 2011 and then again in the Fall, 2011 round of Hub DC Citizen Circles.  The group tracked some of its plans on a public Google Doc.

If you would like to see this Citizen Circle happen again, let us know and we’ll follow up with you!


This citizen circle will introduce participants to the root causes of conflict and the ways in which conflicts develop, as well as several methods for conflict resolution. Our learning experience will provide us with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the nature of conflict and to develop skills for conflict resolution.

Throughout the citizen circle, we will keep a journal or blog in which we will respond to weekly prompts as well as personal thoughts, reflections, and ideas in relation to the course.  We will also as volunteer conflict consultants in our communities to apply our practice in the context of issues or groups we care about.

Our dialogues will be based on readings and videos covering topics such as: an introduction to conflict theory, skills and practices for conflict resolution such as nonviolent communication, mediation, dialogue, and nonviolent action, as well as ethics and “best practices” for conflict resolution.

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