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How to make a video proposal

All it takes to start a Citizen Circle is to share an intention with the world a topic or a goal that you think others might share with you.

One of the best ways to let others know about your idea for a new Citizen Circle is to record a short proposal on video.  Let us know if you create a video and we’ll be happy to help your promote it!  Here are some things to keep in mind when making your pitch.

  1. Framing

    Place yourself in a prominent position in the frame and avoid being smack dap in the center. Try the rule of thirds – its a good way to stay prominent in the frame without overpowering or looking boring.  Rule of Thirds example 

  2. Background

    No blank white walls – try to sit infront of a full bookshelf, a clean room, a wall with interesting texture or color. Avoid any lights on behind you, the camera wil get confused you will look very dark. 

  3. Timing

    Keep it short – under 45 seconds. Try this model, “Hey, my name’s Christina. I’m interested in starting a citizen circle group on roof top gardening.  Its a great way to produce sustainable food, cut energy bills and get the community involved.  I’d like to start a garden onto of several community centers or local businesses in the area.  I have a background in roof top gardening and social media outreach. I think to get this project off the ground, we’d need motivated people who know of some good roofs, have experience in gardening, and reaching out to people.” 

  4. Recording

    You can record on your phone, camera or direct to youtube.  Which ever is most convenient. 

  5. Relax

    Try it a few times, there is not need to stress out.  Its just a way to share how excited you are about your idea! 

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