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Protected: Keeping extrinsic motivation alive

March 13, 2012 Enter your password to view comments.

"You'd be amazed what we could achieve if we didn't care who got credit." ~ Cheryl Rose, University of Waterloo at the Ashoka U Exchange in February, 2012 We have been under a spell for a long time, so long now that we can't know for certain when it started. A trance ...

Our workshop at the Ashoka U Exchange

February 27, 2012 1 Comment

At the 2012 Ashoka U Exchange, Alan Webb from P2PU, Laura White from Tulane University, and Jenn Fishman from Marquette University ran an hour and a half workshop on peer and DIY learning tools that can be used by ...

Hub DC Winter 2012 Launch Summary

January 27, 2012 0 Comment

Thanks to everyone who made Tuesday night's launch of the Winter 2012 round of Citizen Circles a lot of fun and really generative. Thanks to Hub DC, Monday Night Activity Club, and the JamJar for hosting us. Thanks to ...

Hub DC Citizen Circles Summer Reflections

September 27, 2011 0 Comment

Thank you so much to all who participated in Hub DC Citizen Circles this summer!  We held a reflection on that experience recently and wanted to share what we learned about the process. Why are we learning in Citizen Circles? To develop personal relationships with others who share our values Apply ideas we've ...

Seeking talented developer for Tulane social innovation evaluation tool

July 31, 2011 0 Comment

Citizen Circles is working with Tulane's Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching - Social Innovation to build a tool to help students create their own track records of their talents as changemakers - including talents like empathy, creativity, and collaboration which are often poorly represented on resumes and transcripts. The basic tool will ...

D.C. Launch Party

January 31, 2011 0 Comment
D.C. Launch Party

Tibetan Road

January 31, 2011 0 Comment
Tibetan Road

Highlight: Women as Social Innovators

January 19, 2011 0 Comment

Today Citizen Circles is highlighting Women as Social Innovators, a new global citizen circle launching as part of the new semester starting at P2PU on January 26th, by interviewing co-organizer Julie Bowes.  Julie currently works for a small DC-based non-profit, Machik, focused on grassroots capacity-building on the Tibetan plateau. She is ...

Highlight: Sustainability Studio

January 18, 2011 1 Comment

Today Citizen Circles is highlighting our new Sustainability Studio by interviewing Christine Geith, the Executive Director of MSUglobal at Michigan State University.  Christine took the initiative to organize participants and guests to create the Studio in December.  It is now ready to launch as a global course as part of the new ...

Erin Krampetz, Ashoka U

December 3, 2010 0 Comment

"Citizen Circles is challenging the structure of the university as it is today. For AshokaU and other partners in the education sector that care about the next generation, this is the platform to create the world where everyone can be a changemaker."

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