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Community Wealth

The first Building Community Wealth Citizen Circle was started in June, 2011 as part of the Summer 2011 round of Hub DC Citizen Circles. The group has shared all of their notes on a public Google Doc.


In this Citizen Circle, we will explore ideas related to long-term, sustainable, locally-oriented economic development. In order to face the challenges of today — from poverty, to education, to health, to the environment — we need to build economic systems that are conducive to equitable economic development. We will look at strategies that structurally build and keep wealth local as not only a way of improving communities in the short term, but also changing the way people relate, come to understand, and act upon the challenges we face.

We will focus on both the broad elements of community wealth building strategies, and dig down into the practical elements of several case studies. We will also look to bring in leaders in the industry for a discussion toward the end of the summer.

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