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Social Enterprise

The first Social Enterprise Citizen Circle was started in June, 2011 as part of the Summer 2011 round of Hub DC Citizen Circles. The group has shared all of their notes on a public Google Doc.


Do you have an idea that impacts social change through innovation, but haven’t been able to bring the idea to life? Do you already have a developed solution, but are not sure how to pitch it? Whether it be technology, strategy or human capital focused , we are all full of ideas ready to burst through – mobile apps for social change, measuring the social impact of a given initiative, tools to add in social work, among many others.

The Social Enterprise Citizen Circle brings these very issues to the forefront, and together, harnessing the collective wisdom of the group, work towards moving from idea to solution to pitch to pilot.  This group will focus on the entrepreneurial side of social change.  If you do not have an idea, worry not, you can join and participate in initiatives set forth by other members.  It is about learning through practice with fellow, like-minded individuals who share the very same passion for social entrepreneurship that you do.

Not all ideas will be successful, but all ideas deserve a chance…

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